Department Of Physical Education


The Department of Physical Education was established under University of Mumbai, in year 2005-2006, which is one of the top universities in the world. The Department of Physical Education is established in order to create, resourceful and eminent Teachers and Masters in the field of Physical Education. Since its inception, this Department has successfully produced more than 600 Teachers and Masters, who are currently serving in various field of Physical Education.
The Department of Physical Education is located in Kalina Campus of University of Mumbai and it is aptly situated in the Sports Complex, which caters to all the training needs of the students and also hostel facility is available for Men and Women.

Vision Statement:
To become a world class institution that provides a fertile ground for young minds to strengthen the foundation of their future life by giving them knowledge and physical skills and the art of living.

Mission Statement:
It is our mission to facilitate the development of balanced human beings who have the wisdom to create a life of passion, purpose and peace.

To achieve this Mission the college provides:
Excellent infrastructure to experience a healthy academic atmosphere highly qualified and talented faculty to impart practical and theoretical knowledge effectively. Unique programs and opportunities for students to explore their potential.

It is our mission to facilitate the development of balanced human beings who have the wisdom to create a life of passion, purpose and peace.
To achieve this Mission the college provides :
To enable prospective teacher educators to understand the nature, purpose and philosophy of Physical Education.
To develop competencies necessary for Physical training and coaching.
To develop knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for imparting Physical Education. To enrich knowledge of personal and community health.
To promote the capacity to organize games, sports and recreational activities.
To promote knowledge of sports medicine and physiotherapy.
To develop competence to undertake research in Physical Education games and sports.
To foster interest in Physical Education and appreciate its role in school and society.
To prepare for evolving stage specific curriculum, pedagogy and evaluation techniques in Physical Education.
To develop an understanding and appreciation of indigenous approach to Physical Education, exercise, games and sports.


Ground Facilities:
1. Volleyball Court
2. Basketball Court
3. Badminton Court
4. Ball Badminton Court
5. Cricket Ground
6. Handball Arena
7. Football Ground
8. Table Tennis Hall
9. Multipurpose Indoor Hall
10. Squash Court

Computer Lab :- Department computer lab is provided with 20 computers with internet connections and LCD projector

Library :- The Department library has more than 2600 books of Physical Education and allied subjects. More than 170 M.P.Ed Dissertations and Journals are available to students and Faculty for ready reference.
Research Equipments: Test and Measurement, Physiological and Psychological questionnaires are available for the students and faculty.



Address: Department of Physical Education,
Sports Complex, Vidyanagari Campus,
Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400 098.
Phone No: 022-22932665, 022-26530282

Under Graduate

Program nameBachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed )
Duration Two years
SemesterFour semesters

Post Graduate

Program nameMaster of Physical Education (M.P.Ed )
DurationTwo years
SemesterFour semesters

Certificate Course

Program nameCertificate Course in Personal Fitness Training
Duration 6 Months

Program nameCertificate Course in Fitness Center Management
Duration 6 Months

Program nameTeacher training Certificate course in Yoga
Duration 6 months
ElgibilityHSc (10+2)/any other equivalent degrees

Program nameCertificate course in Exercise programming
Duration 6 months
ElgibilityHSc (10+2)/any other equivalent degree

Program nameCertificate course in Fitness centre Management
Duration 6 months
ElgibilityHSc (10+2)/any other equivalent degree

Program nameCertificate course in Personal Fitness Training
Duration 6 months
ElgibilityHSc (10+2)/any other equivalent degree

Teaching Staff

Name: Dr. (Mrs). Vasanthi Kadhiravan
Designation: Professor and Head
Qualification: B.A , B.P.Ed  M.P.ED,  Msc (Psy ), MBA(SM) , M.Phil., P.hD
Specialisation: (Theory)   Research Methodology , Sports Psychology and  Sports  Management,  
(Practical) Athletics kho-kho, Yoga.
Phone: 9869441123

Name: Dr. Manohar Mahadeo Mane
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.A,  B.P.Ed, M.P.ED, M.Sc.(Yoga), SET, NET,  PhD, P.G. Diploma in Yoga. NIS-Cricket
Specialisation: (Theory)  Test & Measurement , Yoga, Research Methodology &  Statistics(Practical) Cricket,  Badminton & Yoga.
Phone: 8692869995

Name: Dr. Nilesh Ashok Lohar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Sc.(Chemistry),LL.B., B.Ed.(Physical)(Distinction), M.P.Ed.,Ph.D., SET & NET: 
N.I.S.(6 weeks)(Basketball), Qualified Official for Athletics, Football, Basketball, Handball & Throwball, IAAF Certified Level 1 Athletics Coach.
Specialisation: (Theory): Exercise & Sports Physiology, Sports Medicine, (Practical) Athletics, Basketball, Handball
Phone: 9833924114

Name: Dr. Vishwambhar  V. Jadhav.
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.A, B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed, SET, PhD 
Specialization: (Theory) Sports management (Practical)Cricket, Athletics, Kabaddi, Performing Arts, Drama
Phone: 9833425189

Name: Dr. Madhuri P. Sadgir
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: PhD, NET, SET, M.P.Ed,  B.P.Ed, NIS Diploma in Volleyball,
FIVB. Level 1,NIS six week Certificate course in Basketball and Athletics,  State Level Referee in Volleyball

  1. Young Scientists Awardee (Bulgaria)
  2.  Zumba and Pillate Instructor

Specialization: (Theory)  Sports Training, Research Methodology and Sport Nutrition (Practical) Volleyball (National Medalist), Basketball and Athletics 
E mail:
Phone: 9860955477

Name :Mr. Vishal Madavi
Designation:  Assistant Professor
Qualification:  B.P.Ed  & M.P.Ed 
Specialization:  (Theory)Health Education, Methodology of Teaching Physical Education.  
(Practical)Taekwondo & Badminton, 
E mail:
Phone: 9579781544

Name: Dr. Prashant  Mahadev  Dabhane
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:  Ph.D., NET, M.P.Ed, B.P.Ed, B.A.,  PG Diploma in Yoga, PG Diploma In Fitness & Nutrition, PG Diploma in Memory Development & Psycho Neurotic.  
Specialization:  (Theory) Sports Training, Foundation of Physical Education. (Practical) Volleyball, Football. Kabaddi, Badminton.
E mail:
Phone: 9920241481

Name: Miss. Shonan Pradeep Padte 
Designation: Sports Co-ordinators
Qualification:  B.P.Ed , M.P.Ed ,National  Level Gymnastics Judge.
Specialization: Gymnastics, (National Medalist), Athletics, Aerobics, Badminton.
E mail:
Phone:  9969514690
Name: Mr. Vijay shashikant Tandelekar
Designation: Sports Co-ordinator 
Qualification:  B.P.Ed , M.P.Ed , N.I.S In Health & Fitness, P.G. Diploma in Yoga
Specialization: Fitness Training, Strength & Conditioning (Sports Spacific)
E mail:
Phone:  8422075841

PhD: (by Research) 4 Terms : 2 years (Minimum)

List of the Research Recognized Guides in department:
  Dr. (Mrs.)Vasanthi Kadhiravan
  Dr. Manohar Mahadeo Mane
  Dr. Nilesh Ashok Lohar
  Dr. Madhuri P. Sadgir