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The post-graduate Department of Philosophy is one of the youngest department on campus and was started in March 1986 by the University of Mumbai. Dr. S.S Antarkar was the founder Head of the department, who laid great stress on the importance of learning all traditions of philosophy with equal openness. The syllabus thus reflected not only Indian philosophy of both, the Vedic and Śramana traditions, but also the Continental and Analytic traditions of the world. Since then, it has expanded its activities to provide foundation and diploma courses in disciplines like Yoga, Jainology, Vallabha Vedanta, Buddhist Studies, Indian Aesthetics and Communal Harmony, thus disseminating interest in the cultural and philosophical foundations of the epistemic, linguistic, metaphysical and creative heritage of humanity.
The discipline of Philosophy, which is both ancient and contemporary, is indispensable in current academia. Nevertheless, its practical import is apparent in all walks of life, such as national policy decisions, corporate management, media, law, ecology, gender, science, technology; in cultures and traditions that we inherit and also in those that influence us. None of these can function without sound and critical philosophical foundations.
Being holistic in nature, Philosophy is necessarily interdisciplinary in its outlook. To encourage this, the Department conducts workshops like the ‘Basic Concepts in Philosophy’ in the month of June/July for those who are from across disciplines and are interested in knowing more about philosophy. These are also intended to guide those attempting the Entrance exams for the MA programmes. Some workshops are specifically designed to help students in giving various exams like PET/NET/SET/UPSC and is an ongoing attempt by the faculty to enable students achieve their career requirements.


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Department of Philosophy
University of Mumbai
Philosophy Alumni (PA)
Since the formation of the Department of Philosophy in the year 1986 a number of students from the post graduate programmes have continued to be associated with the department of philosophy by attending its continuous series of events and special lectures. Some of them continue their learning by enrolling for research programmes like the M.Phil and PhD. It was Dr. S. S. Antarkar the founding member and former Head, Department of Philosophy, who actively encouraged the formation of Jainology Alumni in 1998 and later the Yoga Alumni was formed informally on the same lines in 2003.
The Alumni continues to participate in the activities of the Department such as attending lecture series of Teachers Day, Bombay Philosophical Society, World Philosophy Day, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences out of keen interest. The Alumni has also occasionally sponsored department seminars and conferences as well as improvement of infrastructure. They have also contributed by suggesting resource persons to the Department for talks.
Most of the Alumni are well placed, with many of them having gainful employment in teaching, government and private sectors and achieving success in their own fields.
In the year 2018 -19 the Philosophy Alumni of the department was formally inaugurated on the 25th of August 2018 at 5 pm and some members volunteered to serve on the board of Philosophy Alumni. It was decided that all the informal Alumni groups will register under the Philosophy Alumni for greater unity.
Our Alumni are important stakeholders in the future development of the department of Philosophy and we hope that this platform enables past students to come together and continue to support the growth of the department. The membership of the Philosophy Alumni is open to all students who have passed out from the various post graduate and research programmes as well as the certificate and diploma courses in the Department of Philosophy.
The Philosophy Alumni can be contacted either through our Facebook page on universityofmumbaiphilosophyalumni or through email id
Please do register and submit your feedback online through our website /philosophy to the Department of Philosophy
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Post-Graduation Course

Course Name:-M.A./ M.Phil./ Ph.D.

Research Programs include the following thrust area: The Department has specialists in diverse philosophical traditions such as Indian Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy and Ancient Greek Philosophy

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Academic Staff

Dr. Antarkar Head of the Department of Philosophy
He rejoined as Honorary Professor of Jaina Academy Educational and Research Centre in the year 1995 and retired in the year 2004.
Dr. Shubhada Joshi Professor (Joined as Lecturer in July 1991 and retired f on 30th April 2016 as Professor from the Department of Philosophy)
Dr. Geeta Ramana Associate Professor
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Dr. Kanchana Mahadevan Professor
Name: Dr. Archana Malik-Goure Assistant Professor
Dr. Meenal Katarnikar Associate Professor
Dr. S. G. Nigal Adjunct Faculty
Prof. Purnima Dave Adjunct Faculty
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Dr. Sharmila Jayant Virkar Associate Professor
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Dr. Namita Nimbalkar Assistant Professor
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Dr.Priya M Vaidya Assistant Professor

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Dr. Gadade Narayan Shankar Assistant Professor

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